About Us

Dryer Vent Wizard was founded in 2004 in response to homeowners having safety and efficiency issues with their dryer vent systems that required an “urgent response.” These issues were a result of dryer vent lint accumulation, blockages, disrepair, or improper venting configurations. Dryer Vent Wizard has since expanded into a successful franchise that specializes in dryer fire prevention and energy savings through vent cleaning, inspection, repair, replacement, alterations, and maintenance for single and multi-family residences and commercial entities. Dryer Vent Wizard of Queens, NY is a proud franchise of Dryer Vent Wizard.

At Dryer Vent Wizard of Queens, our employees and highly trained technicians are proud members of the community who live in the very areas we service. This includes owner John Ryley who is a member of the Emerald Guild Society and earned the Dryer Vent Man of the Year award in 2012 for his work with Habitat for Humanity. Dryer Vent Wizard of Queens is licensed, insured, and proud to provide a service that brings safety, convenience, and peace of mind to you and your family.

Our Technicians

John Ryley